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Congratulations on your pregnancy and your wisdom in choosing out-of-hospital birth and welcome to Santa Fe Birth Center -- your home away from home!  Our care team of Licensed Midwives and Student Midwives is looking forward to providing your care throughout your normal, low-risk pregnancy.  You will receive individualized, holistic prenatal, birth, postpartum and well-baby care through six weeks after your baby is born based on the Midwives Model of Care.  The adobe building in which our birth center is housed features two birth suites that include tubs for hydrotherapy in labor and waterbirth, if that is your desire. Please click the "contact us" button, call (505)780-5030, or email us for further information or with any questions you have.  We'd love to have you come into the birth center for a free consultation, to get to know you, and to show you the incredible space in which you can birth your baby.

Mission& Vision

Santa Fe Birth Center's (SFBC) mission is to increase good outcomes and positive birth experiences by expanding place of birth choices. It is Santa Fe's only birth center, adding an essential birthing alternative to hospital or home birth options. SFBC provides a safe, satisfying cost effective birth place that promotes a midwifery model of care for eligible clients of all cultural traditions. 

Childbirth is a life-changing event. SFBC's vision is to provide a unique opportunity for women to express their individual birthing style autonomously in a facility designed solely for the physiological process of birth.  Our goal is to provide a beautiful, appealing center that is sustainable over time.  The setting for birth can make the difference in having a fulfilling childbirth experience.  The center, renovated in 2019, is a calm, safe space, encouraging women's inner strength and innate birthing ability.

SFBC's practitioners - midwives and doulas - are knowledgeable and skilled in techniquest facilitatin women's physical well-being and emotional satisfaction.  We offer prenatal, birth, postpartum and newborn care, and extended client services to Santa Fe's diverse cultural community, encouraging rituals and birth traditions of all birthing people and their families.


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