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Cost of your care

Understanding and navigating maternity care costs is difficult because each insurance policy has different coverage.  Furthermore, the amount that is paid by insurance generally does not cover the costs associated with providing you excellent midwifery care in a birth center setting.  After you come in for your tour, our Administrative Director will review your coverage and then give you an estimate of what your out-of-pocket expense will be for care with Santa Fe Birth Center.  We want you to make an informed decision regarding your care and the finances are part of that decision-making process.

In addition to care that is billable through insurance (prenatals, labor, birth, postpartum and well-baby), there are a few additional costs associated with the Birth Center that are not covered by insurance:

  • Registration fee

  • Professional fee (this helps to pay for the one-on-one time with the midwives as well as their 24/7 availability)

  • Administration and supplies (birth supplies, birth assistant, overhead, administrative costs)

As a 501(c)3, it is our hope to serve every low-risk birth person who desires a birth center birth.  To that end, we have established the Happy Baby Fund, which we can access to help out families for whom the cost of maternity care presents a hurdle to them being able to have the care they want.

If you choose the Santa Fe Birth Center as your care provider, you are responsible for paying your portion by week 36 of your pregnancy.  You can make payments or pay it all at once.  We are flexible in our payment plans.